• Problem

    Hearing aid companies are not catering to the needs of users, leaving many issues in the hearing aid market. The most prevalent issue is the battery life and the process of recharging batteries which often discourages people from using hearing aids entirely.

  • Auris

    Thermal charging technology has been used in various wearable applications. Auris is committed to integrating and enhancing this technology for use in haring aids, eliminating this frustrating problem.


Hearing aid users no longer need to worry about losing their hearing aids. Users no longer need to go through the trouble of changing/charging batteries.


Hearing aid batteries cost $1-$7 and need to be replaced every few days, which can quickly accumulate to large sums. Thermal charging eliminates these costs entirely.


By getting rid of the battery barrier, a whole new world of innovation is unlocked. With the more powerful chips and more complex algorithms, the possibilities are endless.

Step 1: The TEG Process

The Thermoelectric generator creates an electric current of about 5mAmps at 20mV using the temperature difference between the body and surrounding environment.

Step 2: Voltage Boost

The current is sent through the voltage booster which increases the voltage to about 1.5V.

Step 3: Charge

The increased voltage provides enough energy to charge the hearing aid. This is an ongoing process as the TEG will continue to generate power.

Jason Wang

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Shen

Chief Technology Officer

Denesh Kumar

Chief Product Officer

Michael Wu

Chief Creative Officer
  • "Our mission is to utilize innovative technologies to create a world where hearing loss is no longer a problem."

    Jason Wang, Auris


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